About Anpro

Chengdu Anpro Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was founded in early 2015, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in hazardous residue detection technology research, has passed the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification. Adhering to the cultural concept of "adhering to integrity, advocating innovation, people-oriented, and pursuing excellence", the company strives to build a service system integrating R & D, production and technical support, and to provide first-class products and technical services to the society. committed to becoming a leading rapid quantitative testing technical service provider in China. The enterprise R & D team has inherited many years of experience in the research and development of in vitro diagnostic colloidal gold quantitative detection technology, and on this basis, has developed quantitative detection equipment and kits for heavy metals, mycotoxins, antibiotics, etc., which are used in food safety detection. Among them, the immune colloidal gold quantitative technology was introduced into the rapid detection of heavy metals for the first time in China, and the invention patent was obtained. This technological breakthrough makes the product fast, accurate, safe, cost-effective and so on.
Anpro's products on sale are composed of a rapid detection system and a detection kit, which mainly include food safety rapid quantitative detection system, pesticide residue rapid quantitative detection instrument, multi-functional food safety detection system, heavy metal rapid quantitative detection kit, mycotoxin rapid quantitative detection kit, antibiotic rapid quantitative detection kit, pesticide residue detection kit and so on. Among them, the food security rapid quantitative detection system developed independently, through the quantification and integration of detection items, integrates the detection of heavy metal / mycotoxin / pesticide residues into the same system with accurate results and efficient process. the equipment is portable and easy to operate. at the same time, it can be combined with the information detection platform to predict, supervise and trace the food security problems in real time, so as to ensure the food quality and safety in an all-round way. The products have been certified by a number of industry authorities, including the Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine, the Scientific Research Institute of the State Grain Administration, the Agricultural products quality and Safety Supervision and testing Center of the Ministry of Agriculture, and the National Light Industry Food quality Supervision and testing Station.

Corporate Culture

Chengdu Apunuo Biotechnology Co., Ltd. to always adhere to the "professional ploughing, excellence" enterprise purpose, in line with the "integrity-based, customer first, mutual benefit, pioneering and innovative" business and sales philosophy, strive to provide customers with all-round quality services. We believe that honesty and integrity, pioneering and enterprising to do the right thing for the development of the company, will bring common interests and progress for the company and individuals!

Vision:to provide customers with high-quality and maximum value of specialized products and services, with sincerity and strength to win customer understanding, respect and support.
Mission:to train high-quality staff, establish a sustainable improvement of the market, R & D, production and supply system, and become a world-class supplier of fast quantitative products!

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