Aflatoxin immunoaffinity column

Detection of aflatoxin B1 in grain and feed

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Product introduction
      Aflatoxin immunoaffinity column can selectively adsorb aflatoxins (B1, B2, G1, G2) in the sample solution, which can play a very good role in the purification of the sample. After purification, the eluent can be directly used for HPLC analysis or after treatment, it can be used for fluorophotometer detection.
Immunoaffinity column combined with HPLC or fluorophotometer can achieve the purpose of rapid determination, improve the signal-to-noise ratio, and improve the accuracy of the detection method.

      The basis of the determination is the specific reaction of antigen and antibody. The antibody is connected to the affinity column. The aflatoxin in the sample is extracted, filtered and diluted, and then slowly and evenly passes through the aflatoxin immunoaffinity column. The endotoxin in the immunoaffinity column binds with the antibody, and then the immunoaffinity column is washed to remove other unrelated substances that are not bound. The aflatoxin was eluted with methanol and injected into the analyzer for detection.

Product parameters
      Column capacity: ≥ 300ng
      Recovery rate: ≥ 90%
      Specification: 3ml ------ 20 pieces

Package composition
      Each box contains various specifications of aflatoxin immunoaffinity column and a manual.

Equipment and consumables
      ----Derivatives: such as photochemical derivates, electrochemical derivatives, iodine derivatives
      ----Air control operation frame
      ----Air pump
      ----High speed homogenizer (* * * * speed ≥ 10000r/min) or cradle
      ----Sample screening
      ----Measuring cylinder: 100ml/10ml
      ----Funnel: 50ml
      ----Syringe: 10 ml/20ml
      ----Pipette or pipette: 1ml
      ----Homogeneous cup (or 250ml bottle with plug cone)
      ----Sample bottle
      ----Fast quantitative filter paper
      ----Microfiber filter paper (Whatman 934 ah)

Operation process

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