Rapid quantitative testing kits for T-2 toxin

Detection of T-2 toxin in grain, grain products, feed raw materials and feed

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Product introduction
      T-2 toxin (T-2) is a kind of mycotoxin produced by many kinds of Fusarium. It mainly pollutes wheat, barley, corn and other food crops and their products, and poses great harm to human health and animal husbandry; T2 toxin mainly affects the function of blood, liver, kidney, pancreatic muscle and lymphocyte. The common clinical manifestations of T2 toxin poisoning are anorexia, vomiting, diarrhea, growth stagnation, reproductive and neurological dysfunction.

1. Kit description
      This product is a colloidal gold rapid detection card for aflatoxin B1, which is used for quantitative detection of aflatoxin B1 residues in grain and its products, and meets the national limit standard for aflatoxin B1 in pollutants.

2. Principle of kit
      This method is based on competitive colloidal gold technology. Two invisible lines are sprayed on the central white film surface of the test card. The top line is the quality control line C, and the bottom line is the test line t; If there is no T2 in the sample, most of the T2 antibody colloidal gold complexes on the reaction card will be captured by the T line and show obvious color; If the sample contains T2, the color of T-line will become lighter or disappear with the increase of T2 concentration. Use the card reader to measure the color shade of the detection line, and automatically calculate the T2 content in the sample according to the color shade and the built-in standard curve of the card reader.

3. Detection range
      Detection range: 0.2 ~ 5mg / kg (PPM)

4. Technical parameters
      Detection limit: 0.1ppm
      Reaction temperature: 37 ℃
      Reaction time: 8 minutes
      Precision (CV): within run < 15%, between run < 20%

5. Kit composition
      Test card                   20 copies / box
      Extractant                 1 bottle / box 
      Sample diluent          1 bottle / box

6. Preservation condition and validity of the kit
      This product is valid for 12 months.
      The production date and batch number are shown in the outer package.

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