Rapid quantitative testing kits for Cry1Ab/AC protein

Detection of Bt Cry1Ab/Ac protein in grain

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Product introduction
Product use 
      This product is used to detect the cry1ab/ac protein content in leaves and seeds of soybean, corn, rice, cotton and other plants. 

Inspection principle
      The transgenic Bt cry1ab/ac quantitative detection card uses the principle of double antibody sandwich immunochromatography. The antigen in the sample is combined with the specific monoclonal antibody labeled with colloidal gold during the lateral movement to form antigen antibody complex. Then, the flow along the NC membrane direction and the specific monoclonal antibody on the NC membrane detection line are combined to form the double antibody sandwich complex. If the antigen content in the sample is greater than 0.1%, the detection line is red, and the result is positive. The higher the content is, the darker the color is. The content can be accurately determined by the instrument.

Detection range
      Sensitivity: 0.01%
      Quantitative detection range: 0.01% - 100%

Product composition 
      Transgenic detection card (20 copies / box), 20 15ml extraction tubes, 20 2ml centrifugation tubes, instruction manual (1 copy / box) .

Storage and validity
      Storage conditions: 4 ~ 30 ℃ dry storage, do not freeze;
      Period of validity: 12 months. Please refer to the package for the batch and period of validity.

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